July 28, 2009

Welcome to Sweden...

...the land of blue skies, blonde hair, blue eyes....bleh...sorry that is just the advert for a commercial to visit Sweden.

*Cut* *Take 2*

...the land where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Ok granted maybe I don't have good karma, maybe I'm jinxed, or maybe just maybe that in summer this country literally comes to a complete standstill!

Not good for a foreigner like me who needs to get her papers sorted out like for instance her "Personnummer". It's like a social security number which with it opens many doors but without it you can go ahead and wait till that bun burns in the oven hunney.

I love Sweden...maybe I thought I loved Sweden till I made the decision to work here. You see it's a good place to come for a holiday but not to work. Lifestyle here is wonderful, but anything remotely close to red tape stuff...you better go back to where you came from or learn Swedish fast and just fall inline with the laid-back Swedish system.

And I think I have a love-hate relationship going on here. I mean I love the laid-back atmosphere but when it comes to everyday life...you just can't afford it. You just can't live on being laid-back...get it? It reminds me of my last relationship. Hmmm goes back to karma. Guess I can't run away from it.

But before any thundering Swedes jump on me and start flaming my post I just wanna reiterate my point that it's the ADMINISTRATIVE aspect that I detest and drives me up the wall across the ceiling and down the wall again. Patience is a virtue...something which I lost a long time ago.

To all those who are contemplating moving here....just make sure you do your homework first. And even if you do...just prepare for the worst. If all else fails just watch the video below...it would help remind you why you wanted to go to Sweden in the first place!